Luo Ting shook Aunt Su’s shoulder coquettishly:“you,Not old at all,Is my youngest mother。its me,I don’t want to dance this dance。Watching you eat, drink and have fun,how about it?”

Guan Hao sitting next to Aunt Su,I always feel that Luo Ting is abnormal today,talkative,Lots of laughter。He picked up the juice,Said:“Aunt Su,Today your 60th birthday,I respect you。”
Guan Hao took a sip of juice,I really can’t drink this thing,My stomach feels sick now。
Luo Ting also got up,Filled myself with a whole glass of red wine,stand up,Said:“Aunt Su,I also toast you,Thank you for taking care of me for so many years。”Talking,Head up,Drink a whole glass of red wine。
Then I poured another cup,Said to Guan Hao:“turn off,I am more willful、selfish,I also want to thank you,Thank you for your tolerance。”Finished,To toast again。
Guan Hao stood up tightly to stop her,Said:“Tingting,Take this opportunity today,I also have a few words to say……”Guan Hao’s words are not finished yet,Just listen to Aunt Su said:“Xiaoguan,Don’t drink the juice if you are not used to it。”Talking,Chong Guanhao shook his head。
Guan Hao said with a smile:“Aunt Su,do not worry,I will pay attention。”He continued:“Aunt Su told me about your situation just now,I think you still keep dancing,Because after all, it’s the cause you’ve been fighting for,Besides, you have already jumped so well,It’s a shame to leave it。Come,I respect you,Hope to take off again。”
Aunt Su heard Guan Hao say this,Just let go。
Luo Ting drank the red wine in the glass,Said with tears in his eyes:“turn off,Have you heard that a swan with broken wings can fly?”
Guan Hao smiled,Said:“Don’t be so pessimistic,Chen Ailian jumped50How old is it?”
“I,35Can’t jump at age。”Talking,Poured another glass of wine,Drink it down。
Aunt Su grabbed the bottle,To Luo Ting:“Tinger,You will get drunk if you drink like this。”
“Aunt Su,I really want to drink today,It’s rare that I am so happy today,You let me drink。”She went to grab the bottle from Aunt Su’s hand。
Aunt Su cast a glance at Guan Hao for help,Guan Hao said:“Let her drink。Since she is happy。”Guan Hao took a sip of juice。
Aunt Su hesitated and let go,Feel inappropriate,To grab the bottle again。Luo Ting said coquettishly:“Aunt Su,I’m fine,A rare opportunity today,Just let me drink?”
Aunt Su let go,Sighed,Looked at Guan Hao,Nothing said。
Guan Hao stared at Luo Ting and said:“Drink if you can,If you can’t drink, don’t force it,It’s not worth the loss。”
Luo Ting heard Guan Hao say that,I cast my misty eyes on Guan Hao,Looked at him and said:“thank you,Still know that you care about me。”