“Ha ha,Lao Zhang,This is over。”

Zhang Huai is smiling,Open the door to Jiang Fan very politely,Send him out。
After Jiang Fan sits down,Lin Yan is here,Said:“Director Peng is calling。”
“what’s up?”
“Did not say。”
Jiang Fan raised his hand and picked up the phone,Called Peng Changyi’s office,The phone rang for a while,Peng Changyi is not in the office,He called his cell phone,Logically,Since Lin Yan told him that the mayor went to Zhang Huai’s house,Then it won’t be too long,Peng Changyi will definitely start waiting for him,really,Peng Changyi quickly connected。
“Changyi,Find me。”
“Ha ha,Haven’t seen you for days,Miss more。”
“Really,You don’t have to doubt。”
“Where are you?”
“I’m on the third floor,Secretary Wang’s Office。”