Fang Yu said deeply。

“can!I just finished one thing……I was abrupt yesterday!Where are you now,I send a driver to pick you up!”
Middle-aged people are very polite。
Doctor Fang was not easy to handle yesterday。
He should understand!
“No need to,You give me address,I take a taxi……”
Fang Yu feels,Wait for him to pick up。
I’m afraid not so fast!
Hang up,Fang Yu also received an address。
Fang Yu saw a reporter ahead。
Hurried out from the back door,Took a taxi and left。
Came to a building。
Soon someone came and picked Fang Yu upstairs。
“Doctor Fang,Formally introduce yourself,My name is Luo Xintong!this is my name card……”
Luo Xintong said something。
Solemnly handed the business card to Fang Yu。
Fang Yu received it in his pocket,Didn’t watch much。