Qin Liang said triumphantly,It seems that he treats his four little apprentices,Still quite confident。

“Can you not be so arrogant and confident??There is a saying;Strong middle hand!There is another saying;There are mountains beyond the mountains,Is there a building outside??”Yang Shiyun deliberately refutes Qin Liangdao,She doesn’t like seeing Qin Liang“Seeing the world as nothing”Virtue,Although he is telling the truth,But you can’t keep a low profile,Be humble!In case!Nothing is absolute!always
Just in case,Although the probability may be small。
“Ok,You are right,So let’s go and save the four stinky girls now,Ha ha。”
Qin Liang immediately changed his tone,Keep up with Yang Shiyun’s rhythm。
The two quickened their pace and walked forward for a while,But still did not see the four figures of Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun,I didn’t hear that puppy’s barking……Shen Ruoxue and the others have been chasing the puppies and running happily,Maybe that little dog knows that his little owners are playing with him,So I spread the joy more and more!Running this is called a xuanchang dripping!Running,on
Ran to the bridge!On a stone bench next to the bridge,Sitting four and a half children,It seems to be the age of a high school student,When the puppy ran to them,One of the boys opened his mouth and teased the puppy a few times,The puppy stopped
Looking at them curiously。
“Whose puppy is this,Lost it?”
Another kid said casually。
“maybe,Why not take it home and raise it,It looks like this dog may be quite valuable!I happen to have half a ham sausage here.,Come,I come。”Another kid said on a whim,Then took half a ham sausage to lure the puppy,The puppy is not afraid to avoid,Instead, he really took a step forward and sniffed the ham,Then opened his mouth and bit the ham farm
!The result is eager to know,The kid immediately reached out and grabbed it,Then picked it up……
“Hey!That is my dog!What do you want!”
A crisp and sweet girl’s voice suddenly sounded!The four boys looked up in surprise together,A girl is running over quickly!
“Cool!What a beautiful lady!”
A small surprise in a small admiration!
The girl who ran over is Shen Ruoxue!She was the first person to overtake the bridge。
“This dog is mine,Please return it to me。”
Shen Ruoxue ran out of breath,Breathlessly say,The youthful and full chest undulates rapidly,The eyes of the four boys are not enough in an instant……