Chapter two hundred and seventy-five She was born to me

? *** First2175Zhang she was born to me
Although Murong Qiaoyao is still young,,Not enough strength,But after all, she is also a disciple of Bai Daochang’s school,Learned a lot of kung fu from Dao Chang Bai in Taoism,As the saying goes,Start this,You can still feel it,She is also very smart,And the one who walked is also Shen Ruoxi,Murong Shan’s Path。
Qin Liang sees a trick,Occasionally fight back a few times,But he always controls his own power and rhythm,Guarantee that Murong will not be hurt……
really,A dozen tricks,Murong Xiaoyao’s fear is gradually gone,The heart to win,Kung Fu also made the start smooth,Relying on one’s own body,Shen Fa,Speed,She started to enter the state,Playing more and more like that!
“it is good!This is a good trick!”
Qin Liang’s big compliment from time to time,Intangible and greatly encouraged Mi Rongqiu,This girl is getting better,More fighting,The more you fight, the better……
Shen Ruoxi and Murongshan came out after taking a shower,Go back to the bedroom and change into pajamas,After a few more chats,Shen Ruoxi suddenly found the problem。
“strange,Why do you feel so quiet at home?Qin Liang didn’t bother us,Why didn’t even snow and cloud come to stick us together?”
Shen Ruoxi asked suspiciously。
“how could I know?Let’s go downstairs and have a look。”
Asked by Shen Ruoxi,Murong Shan feels weird too,So the two went downstairs together,I found there was no one in the living room downstairs!Shen Ruoxi ran to the bedroom on the first floor and took a look,People go to the house!
“Damn it!Where did everyone go?Is there something suddenly everyone is out??Why no one told us both?This is not right!”
Shen Ruoxi is even more weird,Loudly to Murong Shan。
“There is movement outside!”
Murong Shan suddenly heard the faint sound of fighting outside the window,Immediately greeted Shen Ruoxi and ran to the window together,Open the curtains and have a look,The two people were immediately stunned,Looked at each other……Lawn outside,Qin Liang is chatting with Murong“Fierce battle”What,And the girls next to it are all around the house。
“Let’s go out and have a look!”