The man has not finished speaking,He was slapped and fainted by the black tiger。

“Search me carefully,Don’t let go of any place。”The black tiger’s gloomy voice sounded。
Zhao’s little princess is lost,All the powerful forces in Bencheng know,They also know one thing,If you don’t order the people under your hands to investigate your own property,Wait for the Zhao family to come,It must be bloody。
The whole Bencheng moved,This is a good thing,The Zhao family slowly began to take command of Bincheng,This place will be like a copper wall and iron wall in the near future。
The man in black finished,Quietly standing beside。
Xia Chenglong stomped the cigarette in his hand on the ground,Took a look at the manager,Turn around silently,Rush to the next location。
A day,The Zhao family acted crazy in Ben Thanh,As long as you find a little clue about the opponent,Without any hesitation。
End of the first day,Did not find Qianqian’s whereabouts,Phoenix Mountain Villa,Zhao Shaojiu has no rest all day,She dare not rest。
“Fourth brother,What should we do now?”
Xia Chenglong is very confident,Zhang Hai left that phone on purpose,Then he will send a message again,Because this is a game。
A picture appears after the TV flickers,This is the only port in Ben Thanh,The port at night and the sound of the ship’s whistle in the distance。