This is Kobe with great back skills!All over,Everywhere is fake!

Jordan paused for half a second!
Half a second!
Kobe’s left foot is the axis!Kick out!
Turn over!Kobe didn’t aim at the basket this time!
Jordan is slow!
He didn’t keep up with Kobe’s attack。
“bingo!!Kobe hits again!!Face michael,Facing the backward god!!!Kobe hits an exaggerated backward jumper again!”
“humiliation!Kobe is humiliating Jordan!Use your strongest killer,Kill you!”
“Two goals in a row!score100:104!I look forward to Michael’s response!”
“FAK,Kid,Where did you learn it?”Jordan can’t help it,Kobe’s backward jumper is completely damaging。
“You teach,I improved。”Kobe retreats quickly,Don’t want to be chased by Penny and Hill。