After Mo Xiaosheng took the medicine box, he followed the young woman to the Junshan Nursing Home。

Because this belongs to a relatively high-end nursing home in Beijing,So the guards at the door are armed police,Let them in after checking the documents。
Mo Xiaosheng followed the young woman and walked inside.,I saw a lot of luxury cars and**Car,It seems that most of the people living here are high-ranking officials。
The young woman led Mo Xiaosheng to a more elegant room,I saw Dou Lao lying pale on the bed,There are also two nursing people around who are helping him to measure his blood pressure。
“Dou Lao,You are so?”
Mo Xiaosheng felt tight,Hurry up。
“Don’t mention it,Xiaomo,Shame,Raised for a lifetime,I said I fell down!”
Dou Lao sighed,After speaking, suddenly clutching his chest and gasping for breath。
“Look at you,Who hasn’t had a serious illness?The doctor is not a fairy,Of course you will get sick。”
Mo Xiaosheng sat down and got Dou Lao pulse,Then breathed a sigh of relief,Said:“Dou Lao,You are angered,Have a recipe for Chaihu Fuling。”
“Now you are a doctor,I am a patient,Do whatever you say。”Dou Lao sighed。
Mo Xiaosheng prescribed a good prescription and gave it to nursing,Told:“Make Dou Lao a cup of jasmine syrup every day,Okay faster。”
“Dou Lao,I heard that you were so angry because of the last proposal?”Mo Xiaosheng expressed concern。
“Yes,I see there has been no news,I asked someone to inquire,It turns out that Lu Xiaojin actually shattered our proposal in a shredder!What the fuck are you talking about!It’s deceiving too much,Deceive people too much!”Dou Lao said angrily,Suddenly, my breathing became more and more rapid。
“Don’t worry,He did,We naturally have to ask him for an explanation。”Mo Xiaosheng quickly comforted Dou Lao with a few words,Smoothed his chest for him。
Talking room,The young woman who brought in Mo Xiaosheng just now came in,Old Chong Dou said:“Dou Lao,The Ministry of Health called,Saying that they didn’t deliberately shred the proposal,The staff below took it by mistake,Accidentally……”
Dou Lao patted out of bed hard,Flushed,Angry voice:“When i was a three year old?!”
“Dou Lao,Don’t get angry,How about this,You reprint the proposal,I’ll go to the Ministry of Health again。”Mo Xiaosheng thought for a while and said,“No matter whether it is approved or not,I asked him to give a clear answer。”
For the development of Chinese medicine,He absolutely swallowed his breath and ran to the Ministry of Health。