Zhou Qingshan doesn’t want to discuss such topics with her,Said to her:“You don’t care about those things,Don’t talk nonsense everywhere。Maybe nothing will happen。”

Xiaoxi dare not quarrel with the producer,Oh,No more,But made up his mind:
“No matter what you bad guys do with Fang Hao,Anyway, I will support him。”
The recording of this episode,Fang Hao is obviously thinking,Not in state。
Producer Zhou Qingshan and director Jiang Yuan know what’s going on,But they can’t do anything。
Chi Jiao also knows what’s going on,But with her status,There are also some who are afraid of offending Tencolor Entertainment,Can only secretly worry。
She also made a decision,Even if Fang Hao’s future is ruined,She will help Fang Hao secretly。
She thinks she can make money,Her man can not make money,As long as he looks so handsome,She is willing to raise this man。
She thinks she is true love。
Chapter Two and Nine Black enough
Participate in the second night of this program recording,The time for Wang Xiaochun to think about in heaven has come,Can you tell me your decision now?”
Fang Hao didn’t reply to her immediately,But looked at the numbers on the crowdfunding platform。
The numbers are pretty gratifying now,Has exceeded 20 million,Hundreds of thousands more。
Crowdfunding projects on this platform,Is allowed。