I saw that today’s Wei Xue wore a pair of tight blue jeans,Honey trained for long-term exercise Peach Buttock Tight To,Looks very flexible,People can’t help but want to slap,And her upper body is a simple low collar Ink blue short sleeve,Because her chest is too stalwart,So the short sleeves are held up high,Reveals a deep career line,Looks very attractive。

“Hey,You scumbag,Shameless,Where to look!”Wei Xue hurriedly covered her chest。
Wei Xuegang finished,There was a slightly ironic voice nearby,Then I saw a man in a burgundy suit walking over with a glass of red wine,Seeing Mo Xiaosheng ate the whole steak with a fork, Zhenghuan,A look of contempt appeared on his face,Whispered:“Hillbilly。”
“Who are you talking about?”
Didn’t wait for Mo Xiaosheng to speak,Wei Xue first shouted at him displeased。
“This beautiful lady,I certainly didn’t mean you。”The man in the burgundy suit spoke to Wei Xue in a gentle manner。
“Then you say my friend can’t,Even if he is a hillbilly,Only i can say!”Wei Xue gave Mo Xiaosheng a deliberately provocative look while talking.。
Mo Xiaosheng glared back at her bitterly while eating the steak,Too lazy to pay attention to them。
“Ha ha,This lady is really humorous,Turns out he is your friend,No wonder it’s fortunate to be here for this kind of occasion。”
The burgundy man glanced at Mo Xiaosheng with contempt,Then reached out to Wei Xue,Said:“Hello miss,My name is Yang Si,Heyang City**Distinguished Returnee Doctor,Before returning home,I have been working in Hollywood in the US。”
“Hollywood?”Wei Xue opened her eyes wide in disbelief,“real or fake?Do you know all the big stars in Hollywood?”
“Get to know some。”
A triumphant smile appeared at the corner of Yang Si’s mouth,As expected, my identity is extremely lethal to most girls。
“that,Do you know Levitt??”Wei Xue was quite excited,Her favorite star is Levitt in Hollywood。
“understanding,Had some contact。”Yang Si couldn’t help but stand up,Quite proud,But his face deliberately put on a low-key look。
“Can you help me get his signature?”Wei Xue is more excited。
“Ok……I look for my former colleague,Shouldn’t be a big problem。”