“If it is to deal with the Resident Evil,Obviously bloggers from the future are better at。”Shikamaru analyzes the way,“and,Since we are going to the country of wind,Then let’s find the Wind Eagle by the way。”

“Ok.”Naruto nodded,“These things need to be added up,Shikamaru,Let’s talk about these things tomorrow。”
Family land of the Hyuga family。
“Really,When will our home be built?。”
The modern blogger said to the right side of Hinata,In the future, bloggers will stay silent on the left side of Hinata。
“what happened,Blogger,Is it good to stay at Grandpa’s house??”
“It’s not bad,just,Grandpa is too clingy。”Modern blogger said,While recalling the scene where Hyuga Nizu pierced his face with his beard,Shuddered subconsciously。
Hinata made a chuckle,Although the future bloggers who followed have been silent,But actually he enjoys such time。
“correct,Blogger,Make your favorite hamburger tonight。”
“really,mom!”The blogger let out a cheering voice,“that is really good!”
“Yo,You are back。”
Naruto greeted the trio who came home,Next to him is Hyuga Nizu,Hyuga Fireworks and the sunflower that haunts her daughter。
“Dad?Why did you come back so early today。”Bo Ren looked at Naruto with contempt,“You didn’t come out secretly, right。”