First27chapter Not what you can understand!

Magic City Village。
A rental house。
“Hehe!”A sloppy man drinking beer with a bottle,Talking to himself proudly,“Got two more today!”
Inside his house,Just parked two battery cars。
One of them,It’s Chu Yi’s beloved donkey。
“Go back and deal with these two cars,The wine money for the past half month has been paid!”Sloppy man with a face of enjoyment,“Such a day,It’s so comfortable!”
of course,Car theft is also risky,Sometimes I get caught and locked up for a few days。
But sloppy men don’t care!
“All of them are talents,Speak nicely,And also take care of food and housing!”
The sloppy man seems to miss life in his cell。
Thought of here,The more hot he loves to steal battery cars“cause”,I don’t want to go to work anymore。
“Part-time job is impossible!It’s impossible to work in this life!”
The door of the rental house was roughly kicked open。
Then came seven or eight big men。
“what happened?”The sloppy man was dumbfounded,Don’t know what is going on。
but,He still recognized one of the men with a scar on his face:“Brother knife?”