The second half started soon,And the bull’s momentum is even stronger。
The bull’s counterattack came so fiercely!
Michael Jordan started with an iconic turn over jumper,yanEddie Jones。
Then carry Eddie Jones to the basket,Scored in the defense of Big Ben2+1。
Cooke waits for an opportunity,Hit three!
A wave8:0Kobe’s offensive forced Kobe to stand up!
Pippen is still letting Kobe break through!
“good chance!”
Kobe’s eyes shine,A great time was seen by him。Throw away Pippen and go to the basket!
“Die for grandpa!”Rodman rises into the sky,Fly kick!
A pair of big feet raised high,Swipe straight towards Kobe’s head。This is a headshot if you kick it!
Just so fierce!Rodman’s ferocity has been fully inspired by Kobe,His moves are no longer basketball moves,It’s those homicidal basketball tricks that got Jordan during the Pistons!
Kobe sideways and short head,It escaped Rodman’s flying kick!
Then he staggered to the inside,His right hand hit Langley hard!
“what!”Kobe cried out,Left hand throws the ball to the basket。
Basketball backboard,Reflection into the basket。