Those rookies who predict the lower rankings get together and come to the Pacers to try out and understand,But what the hell are these lottery rookies coming to try out?

Old Larry·Bird looked strange and shook his head,“I heard it came from a star chaser.Uh,They seem to be your fans,Xu.”
“What the hell?”
“Chasing stars?”
Xu Xuan’s voice doubled。
“Yes.I don’t know if you noticed,There is another incredible person on the list,Called Jahir·Okafor.He pointed out that he would come to Indiana for training,I just want to get one of your signature sneakers.”
Xu Xuan:“.”
Are all the teenagers now in the second grade??
But the old man can’t keep up with the development of the society!
Larry·Bird stuck for a few days,Xu Xuan has no choice but to train and watch the finals in his spare time。
Golden State Warriors4ratio0Sweep the Houston mosaic ahead,Cleveland Cavaliers4ratio1After defeating the Pacers,The first two games of the finals on both sides were played1ratio1level。
The Warriors won the first game easily,The danger of the Cavaliers’ second win。
If it weren’t for Barnes’s two consecutive turnovers, the Cavaliers4Free throw chance,The Warriors are likely to make the score2ratio0.God knows when Curry is at the end0.2When I threw the three-pointer,How much cold sweat is Lao Zhan’s heart。
Because he remembered the man named Xu Xuan again.
The same three points as rain,The same unstoppable!
Xu Xuan did not know that in Cleveland far away,There is an old man who thinks of him like this.