“I don’t recognize that mom at best!But I will recognize him in my life!the above!”

238 Xueba’s joy is hard to understand(4/6)
After listening to the conversation between father and daughter,Wang Yufei probably understood why Lu Qingyun chose to return to Pengcheng the next day,Instead of spending more time with her daughter in Star City。
Wang Yufei did not make any comments。
Every family has its own way of getting along,Wang Yufei doesn’t want to interfere too much,It’s just that deep down in my heart, I sincerely hope that Lu Qingyun can think through the future.。
But want to come,He should be proud of his daughter?
The two of them did not tell Guo Jiafeng and Han Qian,Lu Qingyun came to Star City。
After coming, I didn’t meet with the adults,Guo Jianfeng and Han Qian think more。
Then it really enters the busy stage。
Yu Xingwei is right,There are too many places for both parties to do technical communication。
When the chip design began to be tested in Weihua’s professional laboratory,Weihua’s engineers sort out a large number of questions to answer every day。
It is different from the massive data mailed by the analysis laboratory before,This time it is necessary to explain the problem in detail。