“OK,”Luo Xiaohu said happily,“I like crayfish。”

Fang Hao pretended to look at it for a while,Then pointed in a direction and said to Luo Xiaohu:“The map says there is a stream over there,Crayfish inside,How about we catch some crayfish,Add another dish at noon?”
After answering the case,The two of them seemed to have never heard Jiang Yuan’s suggestion,Pick up the map looking for ingredients and study。
Even if it really doesn’t,I will buy a basket of lobster and pour it in。
——Director said yes,That must be there。
But the words come to my lips,I remembered the show team got a basket of fish,So I closed my mouth cleverly。
Fang Hao originally wanted to say that it’s only March in the Gregorian calendar,The temperature is not so high,I’m afraid there are not many lobsters out。
“Over a hundred meters in the past,There is a creek,There are lobsters in the creek,Your next shooting mission is to catch lobsters。”
Two people climbed up the slope from the pond with one foot and the other,I heard Jiang Yuan’s order again:
Finally Jiang Yuan stopped:“Ok,Come on you guys。”
There are some fish that can’t stand the toss,Floated on the water,It looks like it won’t live long。
Tossed in this pond for more than half an hour,Pick up those fish and put them down,Put down and picked up,The water in the pond became muddy。
Performance is really a technical job。
Watching movies and TV shows before,Always thinking about this role for me,I can also act well,I know now that’s not the case。
Just the first day of the recorded show,He already understands what acting is。