“How to deal with it?”

“Drone!”The girl said,“I asked in the crowd,There is a photographer who has a drone there,You can take your change of clothes and have his drone delivered to your balcony。I asked him,He said there is no technical problem。”
Jiang Li was refreshed:“Really?”
Chapter Four Eighty One airdrop
When Haoran Culture Company recruited employees for the last time last year,Hired several shooting professionals,Then there are some extras who they look happy,This is to make them more professional in the production of video content。
Among the professionals,There is one who is better at using drones for aerial photography,Belongs to the masters of drones。
After he heard about Jiang Li’s troubles in the crowd,,So he proposed to use the drone to airdrop Jiang Li’s clothes。
But to do this,Jiang Litong’s staff and Jiang Li himself must cooperate。
Jiang Li doesn’t want to wear a set of underwear for more than ten days,Thinking about it, I feel that the diaphragm should be flustered。
That’s more serious than wearing a coat for ten days,In terms of hygiene,Do not change for ten days,Serious problems will happen。
I heard that there is such a possibility,Of course not refuse。
Find that person in the crowd,Start to discuss the airdrop plan。
The drone can carry multiple packages,Where to bring the goods,Where did it go,This is to be confirmed。
Discussed for ten minutes,Finally came up with a plan。
Jiang Li’s colleagues go to Jiang Li’s room,Packed up her change of clothes and some skin care products and cosmetics,Tell that person which building and floor they are on,Then a colleague stood on the balcony,Holding a clothes pole,Tie a red dress as a flag,Navigate the drone,Let the drone land on that balcony。
The other side,Jiang Li did the same,Use a clothes pole on the balcony to stick out a piece of clothing as a banner,As one’s own position,Let the drone find a place to land。
Live in this community,It’s just in a different building,The terrain will not be too unfamiliar。
Drone lift off,It only took ten minutes,The first package Jiang Li needed landed on her balcony。
Watching the drone fly over,Jiang Li has a feeling of escaping from the dead。