The student nodded under the pressure“Ok!”

They have played a lot of words against fellow students,Fighting again is a waste of time……
Zhou Yi looked at other students,Asked“You guys think so too?”
The other students did not speak,But the emoji defaulted to Zhou Yi’s statement……
Zhou Yi suddenly laughed,Slam the table,“well!and so,Our goal in this melee is,Second class!”
The other teacher in class 2 looked at Zhou Yi next to him,Believing“Teacher Zhou,Is this really good?”
Zhou Yi opened his palm helplessly“no way,To the fifth grade,There is no way to teach them,In this last year,I plan to use constant melee to make these kids progress faster!”
Above fifth grade,Soul Saint,Even Contra,Titled Douluo level teacher to teach,Obviously,She is not qualified!
The second class teacher pursed his lips,Nodded in agreement“So,I understand!I agree with your idea,Then let the second class and the first class go into a melee!”
Zhou Yi said coldly towards the two classes standing in front of him“Class one,There are also students in class two,Now you are going to fight indiscriminately,This will test your resilience,In addition,It is not allowed to kill any student,understand?”
The students in both classes replied“understand!”
Zhou Yi was very satisfied“well,Then you should separate the distance from each other,No team allowed!”
Words fall,The students in all the two classes are scattered……
Wang Dong said proudly to Huo Yuhao“Yuhao,Don’t be defeated by me in a moment!”
Huo Yuhao smiled“Wang Dong,Xiao Xiao,You should pay attention to yourself,This is a melee!”
For melee,Huo Yuhao has a unique advantage,That is his spiritual eye!