Han Qian is the head teacher of the second class of Senior Three in the Provincial No.1 Middle School。

In principle, the education system does not recommend schools to divide fast and slow classes according to academic performance。
But under the pressure of college entrance examination education,Obviously the school will not implement this recommendation seriously。Especially for key middle schools like Provincial No. 1 Middle School。
The first class and the second class belong to the rocket class in the third grade of the school’s high school.。
In the provincial capital one,The biggest difference between the rocket class and the ordinary class is that the three main subject teachers are different.。
Including class teacher and English teacher Han Qian,Follow the old Han dug from a foreign school,And old Cao who teaches Chinese,They are all special-grade teachers who have been in the first school for more than ten years,Rich teaching experience。
Especially Lao Han and Lao Cao,Have been invited to join the college entrance examination question group experience,The teaching strength of Provincial No. 1 Middle School is evident。
And to ensure the quality of teaching,Teachers can communicate with each other in time for the baby bumps in the rocket class,The teachers in the Rocket Class of Senior Three are all working in the same big office。
Unless you have the three main subject teachers,And the teachers,The teacher of Wenshu is next door。
But when Han Qian brought Wang Yufei into the office,,There is no one here。
Actually, it’s not time for class,But whether it’s Han Qian or Guo Xiaoyi, they are going to study early。
“You sit here first,I want to go to class first。”
Han Qian confessed to Wang Yufei,I decided to turn around and leave,But just two steps,Paused again,Go around to Old Han’s desk,I took two math problem sets from Lao Han’s desk and walked back to Wang Yufei。
“Xiaofei,I might go for a while,I think you are quite interested in mathematics,You can read these books first。”Han Qian confessed。
Although I believe that Wang Yufei is an obedient child,But Han Qian knew that she had to fight with the children if she was not sure about the early self-study,I have to find something for this kid, right??
“Thanks auntie!”Wang Yufei said sincerely。