Is there a combination of the two?Have!Especially the small forward is the most versatile position.!

Larry Bird’s peak season average28.7Score10.5Backboard7.6Assist2.0Steal!He is the player who combined the way of king and way of killing at the same time,He has the best of both。
But it’s not just a combination,Even if he has two superstar ways,He is still 50-50 with the magician。The magician has reached the extreme of alliance history on the way of kings。But Bird’s killing method was not as good as Jordan and Wilkins at the time,The way of the king is not as good as the magician。It’s hard to say whether Bird will achieve higher if he focuses on one path,Or is his physical talent destined to not allow him to take a path to the extreme,So I was forced to double open!
NBA history triple double kingOIt is also a player who has taken two paths,However, although he has no data during his role as a ball master,But didn’t win the championship。Only late in career,Gave up the way of killing,Use the way of the king to assist Tiangou Kareem to win the championship。
There is also the future emperor LeBron James,Also a double-open player,He is very ambitious。His goal in the last life was always to surpass Jordan,But his way alone is no way of basketball。The way of killing cannot surpass Jordan,The way of the king cannot surpass the magician,Similarly, he also wants to combine the two paths to go out of his own way。
Jordan is also in88-89Tried to combine in season,The effect is very good,Used that season53.8%Scored32.5Score8Backboard8Assist2.9Comprehensive data on steals。But the team record is very average,47Win35Negative ranking in the east6。Then Phil Jackson joined the team,Jordan turned the killing road to the dark。
So the way of basketball is not good or bad,The farther you go,The higher the state。But the higher the level,Does not mean the higher the honor,In the end it depends on the number of your champions,FMVPQuantity。
You have more champions,It means you are correct。Everyone agrees with this。Even if you average shots per game20Three-pointers,As long as you can win,The league will use you as a benchmark。
Kobe has almost come to the end of the killing in his last life,Maybe only Michael Jordan has walked farther than him,Or is Kobe’s basketball level higher,But Jordan has won more honors with his better physical talents。
Single talk about scoring explosive power and key ball,Kobe is worthy of anyone。He has completely inherited the basketball realm into this life,If you want to return to the level of the previous life, just wait patiently for the physical fitness to come up.。
But want to go beyond.Two ways,One way is to implement the role of cancer and killer to the end。The other way is just like Jordan and the others,Try to combine the two。Jordan failed,Oscar Roberts failed,Bird and James are half done。
Kobe is ready to try both methods,I have a long career anyway。
Why not young and frivolous?Strive for the first in history?
This is why Kobe has put a lot of effort in organization and connection,One is that no one in the Lakers can do this,One is that Kobe wants to make a breakthrough in this respect。Let’s imagine,While Kobe maintained his original offensive ability,Also put the way of the king into the superstar level。Even if the physical fitness is not at its peak at that time,Plus the insider superstar O’Neill,There is also hope to pull the pinnacle bull off the horse。