“Yep,I can do it,But the craftsmanship is not very good,It’s okay to barely cook some home-cooked meals。”

Liu Xiaoyun’s embarrassed answer,In fact, her cooking skills are incomparable to Qin Liang and Murong Shan,But compared to Shen Ruoxi,That would be much smarter!After all, since childhood,She always cooks at home。
Shen Ruoxi and Murong Shan are here,Naturally, Qin Liang is not so good. He always has no words to talk to and talks with Liu Xiaoyun.,So he had to stand alone,Just hit up a few occasionally。
The rice is finally ready,Liu Xiaoyun rushed to carry things into the living room,Qin Liang followed her too。
“Hey,You won’t be angry anymore?”
Finally caught a chance,Qin Liang asked Liu Xiaoyun quietly。
“Do not talk to me!Thank you。”
Liu Xiaoyun doesn’t even look at Qin Liang,Replied coldly!
“I’m just kidding……Actually I just want to tell you,I know it was the supper you prepared for me……”
Qin Liang explained awkwardly。
“You remember;This is the first time I prepared something for you,Also the last time,I will never be that cheap again。”
Liu Xiaoyun threw out a few words again coldly!
“do not!I’m really kidding!Don’t worry about it, okay?”