“Grace,I must live up to my brothers’ expectations of me,To be a father tonight。”

Qin Liang shook his head and said with a dangling tail。
“You fart!what……Why are you fighting to be a father tonight?!You talk nonsense,I kicked you to death!”
Yang Shiyun is almost crying!These guys don’t even see themselves in their eyes!Especially Qin Liang,I even said the words of being a father……This is simply……Simply!
“My daughter-in-law is young,Thin-skinned,Easy to be shy……Don’t mind everyone,Don’t you hear what she said!That one……Let’s go eat first,see you tomorrow!”
Qin Liang finished these few words,Pull up Yang Shiyun and leave,Don’t even let her have a chance to speak。
“What nonsense are you talking about?!Back to Haishang,Why am I seeing people in the bureau?!Dying you!”
Yang Shiyun was jumping and jumping along the way,But still can’t escape Qin Liang’s control。
“Don’t you laugh or laugh,Everyone here,Happy,What a good thing,Why don’t you understand?”
Qin Liang coaxes Yang Shiyun indiscriminately。
“What a joy to everyone!I’m not happy,You guys are all very happy,What should i do!You are slandering my reputation!”
“Slander a wool!Who in the city bureau doesn’t know that you are my wife,You smelly girl,So much nonsense!”
Qin Liang doesn’t care about Yang Shiyun,Anyway, he deliberately wants everyone to repeatedly know that Yang Shiyun is her daughter-in-law,It’s his Qin Liang’s woman。
“Who is talking nonsense?!You dare to think that I’m too nonsense!”
Yang Shiyun seizes the opportunity,Stomped Qin Liang’s foot severely……
In the luxuriously decorated restaurant of the hotel,Qin Liang actually asked for a set“Couple dinner”,Make Yang Shiyun dumbfounded,But there is nothing to do with him……