“I heard that after she was released,Mayor Guan arranged for her to work in the rest house,She worked for a few days,The old revolutions there are not used to corruption,People who are not used to being corrupted,She quit her job if she couldn’t continue,Later I heard that she was asked to go to the nursery,No one can hinder,She finally resigned。I heard that her ex-husband helped her with money,Opened a small photo studio near the Jinan International Convention and Exhibition Center,Her ex-husband has remarried。”

“Oh。”Xia Jihan was lost in thought。
Liu Mei said again:“Do you remember Li Lisha?”
Li Lisha,How can you not remember?Xia Jihan nodded。
“Tian Ying finally divorced her,The child was sentenced to Li Lisha,Tian Yi pays support。”Liu Mei said。
Xia Jihan frowned and said:“Really gone?”
“Ok,separated,I saw Tian Ying and asked him,Why have to divorce,Li Lisha already regretted。He said that if he made a mistake, he only knew what to regret,Must pay。I think he thinks that your leaving is directly related to Li Lisha and Luo Ting,He can’t forgive her。”
“Ugh,He really doesn’t need to do this,Really confused!Li Lisha has sincerely admitted her mistake to me,I told him。”Xia Jihan said angrily。
“But I heard that she has a lot of people in the library who introduced her to her,She never see,Still waiting for Tian Yin,It seems that Tian Yan didn’t talk about the object anymore。Tian Ying has now been promoted to vice president。Transferred to Hedian。”
“Oh,That’s ok,At least the two of you are close,Easy to communicate,It will be good for compounding in the future。”Xia Jihan feels relieved。
“I have an idea,Wait for you to be at ease,Let’s go see Yu Jie together,After all sisters。”Liu Mei asks for her opinion。
Xia Jihan think about it:“I’m afraid this one will have to go back,Because we are going back to Fuzhou to see our cousin,correct,I heard from my cousin that your family should also go with us,Is that right?”
“Hi,He was worried that his cousin could not bear you,Afraid of cousin,I didn’t want you to come back directly from Xiamen.,Have perfunctory cousin ingredients。you think,Right now is the beginning of a year’s work,Can he have time?”Liu Mei said。