“Go eat now。”

“Xiaoding,I will arrange for you。”
“Thank you Director Gong,arranged。”Ding walked out with his brother as soon as he said。
Gong Weixian stood at the door,Watching Ding Yi board the military-licensed land cruiser,And beckon to them。
Lu Yuan also shook his horn politely,Just drove this behemoth out of the gate。
When Ding Yi and Lu Yuan were led by the service lady,Came to Lin Yan and said318Room time,She was shocked,Inside are the section chief and the mayor,What are they talking about,See them coming in,Just stand up。
Ding Yi appeared blankly for a moment,Then I realized that everyone was looking at him,then,She tried her best to pretend to be natural,Introducing to brother:
“brother,This is Mayor Jiang。”
Lu Yuan is holding his military cap in one hand,A military cap in one hand,Stretch out one hand to shake hands with Jiang Fan。
“This is Director Peng from Beicheng District,My former section chief。”
Lu Yuan heard his mother and Du Lei talk about Peng Changyi,Look at him in particular,Shook his hand。
Lin Yan opened the door and came in,Ding Yi quickly introduced Lin Yan。
Lin Yan said:“Mayor Jiang,Ready to serve?”
Jiang Fan nodded。