You can get married~~~~~~Xie Yun thought of this,I feel very rippling。What a difficulty,Can be digested。

Baby Ou knows that Xie Yunchu was after the last conversation,Just working hard,But did not expect,Results so fast,“Pay attention to safety.”At least Xie’s stock is now under control,Almost being interviewed,It’s really dangerous。These are the results of Xiaoyun’s hard work。
Xie Yun laughed,“nothing,do not worry。”In fact, he has encountered several accidents,But it’s really the same as my parents said,The treasure is his lucky star,amulet。It’s been my treasure’s call and arrival several times,Saved him。Xie Yunchu didn’t want to tell her about this matter,not feeling well。I don’t want my treasure to know that he is in danger,Anxious。Qinbao is the one he loves,No need for other blessings。
Just let them simply fall in love,Just fine。
of course,Qinbao found out about Xie Zhihua,It is naturally impossible for Xie Yunchu to confess to the Xie family。I can only find another way.
This way,Xie Yun thought about several things,Did not wait for him to implement,Least desirable situation,happened。
Xie Zhihua’s apprentice,Rising Illustrator Wang Meixian,During the live broadcast,Suddenly collapsed and cried,Exposing all kinds of inside stories about being oppressed and personally ravaged by Master Xie Zhihua,Finally, he reported Xie Zhihua’s name as the late painter 821,Holding the work of 821 and pretending to be my own work,Pretend to be honored,Shameless to the extreme。
The live broadcast is not over yet,The last news,Hit the headlines of major news pages。In recent years, intellectual property has also been paid more and more attention,But it seems like Xie Zhihua’s extreme infringement,Also rare。Various comments online,Xie Zhihua’s identity background,Was directly stripped off,Xie directly received a heavy hit,There is a crisis of bankruptcy and debt。
Less than a day,Things have developed to an uncontrollable level。Say no one is helping,This is impossible,But how bad the matter is,It is also easy to arouse group anger,Very easy to be guided。
The true identity of 821,Also picked out。Is a security guard who was fired by Xie Zhihua earlier,Burst out。He knew that the studio that Su Lan had been renting,Often help Sulan lock the door,Not long after Sulan passed away,He was fired。Later changed the city job,I want to come to the gallery when I come back by accident,The security guard also likes painting,But found that Xie Zhihua became 821。
He didn’t find Xie Zhihua,But I want to find Sulan’s family。But he and Sulan are not familiar,I only know that Su Lan only left a very young daughter。But did not find,He is afraid of being retaliated by Xie Zhihua,Left quickly。All these years,this matter,He keeps writing in the diary,I’m worried that I will be gone someday,This matter fell to nothing,No one knows that Su Lan is August 21,Is the real author of Lantu,Is the real owner of those orchids。
After seeing Wang Meixian’s news,Li Ben, the security guard, let his child contact the media,Speak boldly,I also want to find Sulan’s daughter,He is willing to be a witness,Help Sulan and Sulan’s daughter seek justice。
The truth told by Li Ben,It directly pushed Xie Zhihua to a point where death is unforgivable。
Baby Ou was in a meeting,Was told by the assistant。Leave the meeting immediately,Rush to Xie’s side。