“What do you two mean?Don’t tell me there is love between Xiao Yuer and that bastard!How is that possible!Moreover,How old is Yuer?It’s just a teenage little yellow girl!She knows what love is?Bullshit!”

Shen Ruoxi said in disbelief。
“Wakayu……Understanding or not and whether or not they are two different things。”
Qin Liang said with a bitter smile。
“Sister Ruoxi,It is now common for teenage girls to start their first love,In the case I deal with,There are twelve,I started falling in love at the age of three……”
Yang Shiyun said embarrassingly。
“Ok……I seem to be out of touch with society!but!How could Yu’er have feelings for that bastard??That’s her enemy who killed her father and mother!”
Shen Ruoxi still doesn’t want to believe that there is such a possibility……
“First of all;We are still not sure what kind of relationship is between Yuer and Li Hai!Secondly;Even if they really have that kind of love-like feeling between them,That is completely understandable!Wakayu,You don’t forget,Yuer never knew that Li Hai was her enemy!this point is very important!”
“Think about it everyone;Yu’er and that Li Hai lived together for ten years!In the past ten years,Li Hai is her only relative,And during this interrogation I learned,In these ten years,Li Hai is still very good to Yuer,Li Hai said this in front of all of us,Yuer did not deny,Explain that Li Hai did not lie。”
Qin Liang said this,Paused for a while,He wants to give everyone an understanding,Accepted time……
“You keep saying。”
Yang Shiyun spoke。
“Then I continue……Then the problem is coming!Two people who have lived together for ten years,Or it can be said that two people who have lived together for ten years,Isn’t it normal to have feelings for each other??”
“We need to know,There is no blood relationship between father and daughter.,Theoretically,Feelings between them,Or love is normal,Does not violate human ethics,of course,I say this to exclude the special status of Li Hai as a big drug lord,And in fact,Yu’er also didn’t know what Li Hai did.……”
Chapter two thousand seven hundred and twenty seven Help her like the new and dislike the old
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