“Good swordsmanship。”

Painting too beautiful,Sasuke loves it,Can’t help but praise。
But I feel that something is missing,That is the player,Only a chessboard but no players,This is too lonely for the person playing chess alone。
Just like Sasuke’s snow mountain,On top of the mountains,Looking down on the sky, how can you compete。
The two of them have the same long-cherished wish,This sword and sword can be called“War post”,That’s right,He became the man of elder Keqing。
Xia Chenglong can naturally feel the invitation from the two,I can’t hide this time。
Nothing,The inner courtyard helped him so much,This is to complete the curiosity of the two old guys。
The figure disappeared from the seat again,This time I was not as magnificent as before,But with a trace of mystery。
“Zhao Xiaoyou,The two of them haven’t finished the match yet,What are you doing?”Elder Huang quickly asked。
“Elder Huang,Nothing,Let them play!”The elder speaks in person。
“Let’s do it together,I don’t seem to have so much time。”
what,Let the second and third place players attack together,Do you want to be so manic。
Xia Chenglong’s voice is not loud,But every word slips into the ears of the audience,Their eyes wide open,Want to go straight to the next thing。
Although the two can hear it,Xia Chenglong’s words are not arrogant and arrogant words,Is really so,Will say such a thing。
Not terrible to lose,So they won’t do it,Because it’s not compliant。