Zeng Yan said“Brother Yi”Time,Can clearly detect the trembling of a woman’s body,It shows that her heart is suffering from great pain at this moment。

“rest assured,Just let me know who it is,Even if I can’t avenge you,Will report to my father,Let him be fair to you。”
Ye Ziqi is tempted,If Patriarch Zeng can really do justice,maybe……
But this idea was broken in an instant,Ye Ziqi returned to her previous appearance。
“forget it,I’ve already let go of Brother Yi,The main store is still busy,I’m afraid I can’t go。”
Zeng Yan suddenly changed face,Directly smash a corner of the table。
“So you don’t give me Zeng’s face anymore,Still don’t think i am worthy of you。”
Zeng Yan can’t wait,Ever since he knew there was such a beauty in Hades,He planned everything,Even at the mercy of killing,So that I can play with this woman。
But the other side shied away five times,This made him lose his last patience。
Ye Ziqi understands,She can stay here for so long,It’s all because the other party wants her to follow her sincerely,right now……
“Zeng Shao,Do not be angry,I answer……”
“Boss lady,Where’s my wine?”
Just when Ye Ziqi was about to agree,There was a sudden sound at the window table,Broke the tension at the moment。
Chapter Three Hundred and Forty Seven Powerful
Who,Who is such a big deal,Even Mingcheng Zeng Shao dare to interrupt,Don’t want to live anymore?
Zeng Yan’s face is dark,If you don’t break the talking guy to pieces today,He won’t have to hang around in the city from now on。
Ye Ziqi breathed a sigh of relief,Got up from the chair quickly,Walk towards Xia Chenglong’s table。