Is there a combination of the two?Have!Especially the small forward is the most versatile position.!

Larry Bird’s peak season average28.7Score10.5Backboard7.6Assist2.0Steal!He is the player who combined the way of king and way of killing at the same time,He has the best of both。 But it’s not just a combination,Even if he has two superstar ways,He is still 50-50 with the magician。The magician has reached the extreme of alliance history on the way of kings。But Bird’s killing […]

Han Qian is the head teacher of the second class of Senior Three in the Provincial No.1 Middle School。

In principle, the education system does not recommend schools to divide fast and slow classes according to academic performance。 But under the pressure of college entrance examination education,Obviously the school will not implement this recommendation seriously。Especially for key middle schools like Provincial No. 1 Middle School。 The first class and the second class belong to the rocket class in the […]

The student nodded under the pressure“Ok!”

They have played a lot of words against fellow students,Fighting again is a waste of time…… Zhou Yi looked at other students,Asked“You guys think so too?” The other students did not speak,But the emoji defaulted to Zhou Yi’s statement…… Zhou Yi suddenly laughed,Slam the table,“well!and so,Our goal in this melee is,Second class!” …… The other teacher in class 2 looked […]

“How to deal with it?”

“Drone!”The girl said,“I asked in the crowd,There is a photographer who has a drone there,You can take your change of clothes and have his drone delivered to your balcony。I asked him,He said there is no technical problem。” Jiang Li was refreshed:“Really?” ———— Chapter Four Eighty One airdrop When Haoran Culture Company recruited employees for the last time last year,Hired several […]

“OK,”Luo Xiaohu said happily,“I like crayfish。”

Fang Hao pretended to look at it for a while,Then pointed in a direction and said to Luo Xiaohu:“The map says there is a stream over there,Crayfish inside,How about we catch some crayfish,Add another dish at noon?” After answering the case,The two of them seemed to have never heard Jiang Yuan’s suggestion,Pick up the map looking for ingredients and study。 […]

At that time, they did consider whether this place is safe or not,Does anyone in the village know?

They spent two days living in the village,On the surface just live there,The reason they used was to travel to this place,Then I think this village is pretty good,Just stay here for a while,The local villagers didn’t think much of him,There will be no more doubts,Overall,Still pretty good。 During those two days, they ate and drank on the surface and […]

I saw Shen Huan,They all yelled for joy。

“Shen Huan, come on!” “Come on Shen Huan,You are the best!” Kobe stood beside Shen Huan,Look at them,And the group of Chinese around them,Unconsciously sigh:“How about you come to California to play basketball is the best choice??This is naturally your home court!” Shen Huan smiled without saying a word。 Old Kobe has been nagging by his side during this time,Everything […]

Some people want to make this big boss happy,Even link to the small group of the company managed by me,People in the group must pay attention to this official account。

Of course Fang Hao doesn’t know those things。 For him, this is an assignment,Didn’t take it to heart。 Stay at home the next day,There are already dozens of links to public accounts in the group,He is not interested in clicking。 Maybe there will be one or two of these dozens of official accounts that can be mixed with food,But it […]

Xu Xuan:“.”

198ratio123! “Make progress,Kobe,This time the score difference is less than last time!” Patter! Come again! 190ratio130! “Kobe,Your progress is fast,only60The points are bad!Come on,Next time you will win!” Kobe:“.” ———— First308chapter Los Angeles at four o’clock in the morning! Turning off the TV with anger and anger,“I still invite dinner,Invite you to drink,I don’t know how to let the elderly.” […]