Give up the opportunity to travel to Yunnan,An important reason in her heart is that Guan Hao is coming back,He told her via text message yesterday。

morning,A few of them just came out of Director Gu’s office,She received another text message from Guan Hao,Learned that he has returned,Just off the plane,She was so excited that she couldn’t eat at noon,Pass the door of the municipal party committee when going to work,She turned her head and looked inside,I know it’s impossible to see him,But still can’t help。 […]

The girl ignored Qin Liang’s question,I just raised my face in surprise and looked at Murongshan,Seems to be distinguishing true from false……

“I’m silly……Come again!” Qin Liang sighed inwardly。 “Wow!It’s really Sister Murong Murong!My city cloth is dreaming!” really,When the girl is sure that the beautiful woman standing in front of her is really the most popular acting star,She jumped up from the chair almost immediately。 “Hello there。” Murong Shan is obviously accustomed to such situations,Facing the girl’s surprise,She just said hello […]

“really?you sure?If you send us to fight on the battlefield next time,I will take you there!”

Qin Liang deliberately said。 “OK,A word!No shame!” Meizi said not to be outdone。 “Ok,A word!Let’s not hang on the hook for a hundred years,I believe what you say counts,Ha ha。” Qin Liang smiled and agreed,He was just playing with Meizi deliberately,Of course he knew that Mei Zi would not have the courage and courage to fight the enemy bravely on […]

Swallow hesitated for a moment,Immediately, the Daoist Chief clarified the whole story.。

“Oh,Oh I see,Can you think so,Explain that you are really a good boy!But you don’t have to worry about this,From now on, you can call us both masters at the same time,I’m outsider,Won’t care about these things,Besides this‘master’Two words,Ben is just a title。” Bai Daochang said with a broad mind。 “This……Is this also ok?Is this really appropriate?” Swallow was tangled […]

His current realm is almost a seventh-grade body,It is unlikely that you want to rise to the transcendent state。

After all, transcendence can be regarded as a small bottle of cultivation,Three-turn barrier-breaking pill is good,But he still doesn’t think it can make him break through。 What’s more, his spiritual power is much stronger than that of ordinary people…… If you break through cultivation,,Can make him absorb the spiritual power of the outside world faster,In this way, the probability of […]

“in case、If he can really survive then,I also asked Ms. Chu to help find a good house,I have some private money,Give it to Miss Chu another day。It’s good for Miss Chu to give some to that family every year……”

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“I am a pig now, right……”

Quietly said with an awkward smile。 “You are our pet mini pig,Hehe。” Li Qiao’er triumphantly,Seeing that everyone loves their little sister so much,She is very happy,Of course Li Yaxin is the same。 “This pet mini pig is a bit thin,So you have to feed it well。” Shen Ruoxue continued to be naughty。 “Don’t feed,Feed this pig to death。” Quietly replied […]

“Then Yuer gradually grew up,She becomes more and more beautiful,More and more feminine,I started to feel for her……Started to change!I am almost forty years old,Although there are countless women who have played,But those women are nothing but playthings I bought with money……”

“So I got Yu’er’s idea,She was raised by me,Her character,I know everything about temperament,And we get along very well,She is also the only person in this world I don’t need to be careful about!And she’s pretty slim again,As beautiful as a little fairy daughter,I think;If she becomes my daughter-in-law in the future,That’s not perfect,Is the one thing that suits my […]

“But I was surprised,I thought you girls only like to watch romantic love movies,Unexpectedly, you like to watch war movies。”

Qin Liang continued the topic just now。 “It’s not that we like to watch war movies,In more than one hundred movies here,At least 90% are war movies。” Shen Ruoxue replied。 “Oh,Right,I forgot that this is a military camp。” Qin Liang“Suddenly realized”Said,Act appropriately,Will enhance the chat atmosphere,Qin Liang understands this,Also knows this,So much before“Girl”That’s not white bubble。 “It’s good to watch […]

She got angry when she heard,Ruyu quickly stood up,She still looked at Sang Qingrou cautiously:“Miss,You are really not angry?”

“I said it all,not angry。You don’t need to be like this,I won’t eat you again。Don’t waste time,Father asked me to go to the main hall,Go late,Father is going to be angry。” She tidied herself,Take the maid to the main hall。 This banquet at the Prime Minister’s Mansion,But wave after wave。Just now,Didn’t let Ouyang Shuo kill himself,Next,She should make good use […]