Go back to the bedroom,Yang Shiyun can’t read the information anymore,All kinds of noise in my heart,Qin Liang’s shadow is always shaking in front of me……

She didn’t expect Qin Liang to take care of herself so carefully,Although this is really a small thing,But Qin Liang can do such small things in such detail,It can be seen that he still has his own place in his heart。 And my previous worries are completely unnecessary,Qin Liang not only didn’t act on himself,I didn’t even say a word […]

Qin Liang said triumphantly。

“You talk nonsense again!How can I let others see my body!” Fluttershy is called a depressed,Does Qin Liang speak through his brain?? “I’m talking nonsense?When you took a bath in the bathhouse,Not many girls can see your body?” Qin Liang’s words are irrational。 “the first;It’s okay, sister。second;I never take a bath in a bathhouse,I wash in my own home。” Fluttershy […]

How to say,Chen Hao’s life experience and social experience,Shen Ruoxue is not comparable to Xiaobai,So even if Shen Ruoxue is smarter,I can’t fool Chen Hao,After all, two people are not on the same level at all。

It’s like saying a seven,Eight-year-old pupil,He will fight again,It can never be the same as an adult man’s opponent。 “give up?Not naughty anymore?” Chen Hao deliberately asked again。 Shen Ruoxue nodded awkwardly,Rarely this arrogant little princess of the Shen family,Today I can admit my failure so peacefully!of course,This is also her“opponent”Chen Hao has a direct relationship,After all, Chen Hao watched […]

“Next Monday is the school team assessment,I want to use your strength,It must be no problem to enter the school team。I played in midfield,You are a striker,I hope we can cooperate happily then,Cooperate well,I will do my best to support you。”

Speaking of which,Chu Yifan took the initiative to reach out to Luo Kai。 “OK。” Luo Kai also stretched out his hand,Two handsome boys clasped their hands tightly,They all looked at each other with a smile。 See this scene,The girls can’t help it anymore,Cheered。 In their eyes,This is the handover of the current school grass to the next school grass。 The […]

“it is good,Call you when I have time。How much did it cost?”

“Not as expected,I told you,They don’t understand,I was not present,I am going to refund this money。”Ding Yi explained。 Peng Changyi Le,Said:“If you are afraid of money,Donate it for a treat?” “Section Chief,Don’t make fun of me,I told you,Dad said it was worth 100 yuan。I don’t think I should ask for this money。” “want,Why not……”What else does Peng Changyi say?,See Wang […]

“Your voice is pretty good,Wide range,Very bright,Suitable for singing folk songs。”Ji Xiaolin said。

“Ha ha,What you say,My throat is really itchy。”She Wenxiu touched her neck and said。 Jiang Fan took the opportunity to say:“Then let’s hurry up and drink,I can’t wait to hear the marriage vows。” “Haha。”She Wenxiu looked at Jiang Fan and smiled,Said:“Mayor Jiang,Why are you making fun of them,If I can barely listen,That’s also a good singer。” With Ji Xiaolin’s participation,Wei […]

The spirited little Fang is a little uncertain about Sheng’s sister,As Sheng San said,This Xiaofang is broad-minded,Still heartless?

Fang Yourong shook his head and looked around the area where the big red happy character had not yet peeled off,When the Spring Festival is approaching,Make things more festive inside and outside the house。New Year’s atmosphere is full,There should be a lot of refrigerator stock, right?,Have to figure it out。 “I wanted to go to Auntie to see if I […]

Minister is startled,Said:“You’ve been stuck at my door,I just want to ask if I sleep well?”

Peng Changyi said:“Don’t ask this question,I have this confidence。” Wang Jiadong walked to him,Said:“I think you are getting more and more confident。” “Of course!Don’t look at whose student it is!”Peng Changyi said triumphantly。 Wang Jiadong smiled,Said:“Why are you confident?” Peng Changyi smiled,Pointing in the direction of Fan Wenliang and Jiang Fan,Said:“The two of them woke up long ago,Your old man […]

“Next back to the base,You guys eat it for a few days,Replenish nutrition,By the way, give you two days off,As long as you don’t leave the base,Just wander around。”

Qin Liang finished these words,I looked at Shen Ruoxue more specifically,After he decides to return to the base,Personally supervise Shen Ruoxue’s three meals a day,He wants to add some big fish to this flower fairy…… After waiting for two hours,A black gunship appeared in everyone’s sight,Qin Liang and others who have packed everything,I’m leaving this island after ten days。 “strange,Why […]

Qin Liang shrugged,Hand the clothes on to Shen Ruoxi and Shen Ruoxue,Then turn around obediently。

After seeing Qin Liang turn around,Shen Ruoxi and Shen Ruoxue began to wear clothes in a hurry。 “Wow,sister,Your long dress is so beautiful!Brother-in-law will really help you choose clothes!” After getting dressed,Shen Tuoxue found out that after Shen Ruoxi’s clothes were put on,Looks beautiful。 “Koyuki,Your one-piece hot pants are also very nice!Wear out like this,Those boys must be stunned by […]