The man has not finished speaking,He was slapped and fainted by the black tiger。

“Search me carefully,Don’t let go of any place。”The black tiger’s gloomy voice sounded。 Zhao’s little princess is lost,All the powerful forces in Bencheng know,They also know one thing,If you don’t order the people under your hands to investigate your own property,Wait for the Zhao family to come,It must be bloody。 The whole Bencheng moved,This is a good thing,The Zhao family […]

Chapter two hundred and seventy-five She was born to me

? *** First2175Zhang she was born to me Although Murong Qiaoyao is still young,,Not enough strength,But after all, she is also a disciple of Bai Daochang’s school,Learned a lot of kung fu from Dao Chang Bai in Taoism,As the saying goes,Start this,You can still feel it,She is also very smart,And the one who walked is also Shen Ruoxi,Murong Shan’s Path。 […]

Qin Liang said triumphantly,It seems that he treats his four little apprentices,Still quite confident。

“Can you not be so arrogant and confident??There is a saying;Strong middle hand!There is another saying;There are mountains beyond the mountains,Is there a building outside??”Yang Shiyun deliberately refutes Qin Liangdao,She doesn’t like seeing Qin Liang“Seeing the world as nothing”Virtue,Although he is telling the truth,But you can’t keep a low profile,Be humble!In case!Nothing is absolute!always Just in case,Although the probability may […]

Fang Yu said deeply。

“can!I just finished one thing……I was abrupt yesterday!Where are you now,I send a driver to pick you up!” Middle-aged people are very polite。 Doctor Fang was not easy to handle yesterday。 He should understand! “No need to,You give me address,I take a taxi……” Fang Yu feels,Wait for him to pick up。 I’m afraid not so fast! “Ok……” quickly。 Hang up,Fang […]

“Ha ha,Lao Zhang,This is over。”

Zhang Huai is smiling,Open the door to Jiang Fan very politely,Send him out。 After Jiang Fan sits down,Lin Yan is here,Said:“Director Peng is calling。” “what’s up?” “Did not say。” Jiang Fan raised his hand and picked up the phone,Called Peng Changyi’s office,The phone rang for a while,Peng Changyi is not in the office,He called his cell phone,Logically,Since Lin Yan told […]

Luo Ting shook Aunt Su’s shoulder coquettishly:“you,Not old at all,Is my youngest mother。its me,I don’t want to dance this dance。Watching you eat, drink and have fun,how about it?”

Guan Hao sitting next to Aunt Su,I always feel that Luo Ting is abnormal today,talkative,Lots of laughter。He picked up the juice,Said:“Aunt Su,Today your 60th birthday,I respect you。” Guan Hao took a sip of juice,I really can’t drink this thing,My stomach feels sick now。 Luo Ting also got up,Filled myself with a whole glass of red wine,stand up,Said:“Aunt Su,I also toast […]