She does not sign a brokerage company now,If Fang Hao’s company is willing to sign her,Actually she won’t refuse——As long as the conditions offered are worthy of her status,It’s not an exploitative new appointment.。

Small company does not matter,A company that can make Ten Color Entertainment kneel,Attracted Jinshan Investment2000Million-funded company,Still has development potential。 Sign in Haoran Culture Company,It is equivalent to being connected with Jinshan Investment,Back to the big tree to enjoy the cool,Don’t worry about being blocked by those TV stations.。 It’s just that Fang Hao thinks she is joking,Didn’t take it seriously。 […]

The money can be found in a post-production studio,To edit and produce the official version。

At this time, the first three episodes that Shen Huan got,It’s already the second edited version of Xin Changkong。 Shen Huan’s task now,Is holding《Huan Zhu Ge Ge》,Started to sell to various DavidTV platforms。 ———— First449chapter The enemy teamed up China’s satellite channels have a total of32A。 Remove those long-time paddlers from the frontiers and poor provinces,Really brilliant、Spend big money on […]

The whole space only hears“Hum!”The sound of,These purple and black spells rushed towards Min Lao with a terrifying aura……

Min Lao saw the purple and black spells that came like a long dragon before him,The fourth spirit ring under my feet lit up…… Fourth Spirit Ability,Crane Shadow! Increase attack increase by 20%,20% speed increase! I saw Min Lao move,Move wildly at an extremely fast speed,But these purple and black spells are like alive,No matter how he moves,Always chasing…… Qianyu […]

The huge dragon head in the sky burst out with a terrifying breath,A colorful light jetted from its mouth,The terrifying power of the two tenth spirit abilities exploded and knocked everyone out,Everyone below the soul sage exploded and died at this moment,People above the soul sage also received different scars at this moment.。

The huge dragon head also rushed down at this moment,Blasted in the direction of Luoqing River fiercely,Luo Qinghe frowned,That terrifying breath suppressed him from moving at all,That kind of power is stronger than myself,Luo Qinghe immediately retreated at this moment,But how could the Rank Nine Golden Dragon let him leave easily,The huge body tightly surrounds the direction of his escape,Luo […]

Think about your own brokerage company,Exploit one’s own income for various reasons,Hard work,As a result, the income received is less than one-tenth,I suddenly became depressed。

If this blood-sucking brokerage contract does not end,,She wants to deposit tens of millions in cash,I don’t know if I can。 Really more popular than dead。 “Not much shares,Not a thousandth。”Gu Mu said frankly,“But it’s not a question of how many shares it owns,It’s not even a question of making money,But you can enter this game,Your world will be different。” […]

Competition in the West is too fierce,The outcome of every game may affect the final result。

“Pacers’ starting lineup unchanged tonight,Hill and Xu Xuan in the backcourt,Copland,Power forward West,Hibbert” “Clippers side,Point guard Chris·Paul,Shooting guard**·Redick,Small forward Matt·Barnes,Power forward Griffin,Jordan Jr” The starting lineups of both teams are regular lineups,Generally inNBARegular season,There won’t be teams that do too much。 In the regular season, even if there are targeted arrangements, there are some small strategic directions.。 Such as today […]

『You were attacked by ghost wolf while camping,Six civet sisters perform sturdy battle.』

『You found the wolf king sneak attack,After the coercive persuasion is invalid.』 『You get a lot of spirit rings,Finally successfully summoned another trip,Enter the realm of the Great Soul Master.』 『Your repressed soul power bursts,Level up to22level.』 『Congratulations to the host for acquiring soul skills.』 『Comprehend the wind escape.』 『Comprehend the fire escape.』 『The power of tail beast jade increased.』 […]

This is still Schrodinger’s excitement。

But before the two of them argued over this issue123Come,The door was knocked twice,Then Guo Xiaoyi rushed in with a tangled look。 “I’m furious,I’m furious!” “what happened?” “We won’t go back to home this year,My uncle’s family brought my grandfather to the provincial capital!” “Shouldn’t this be a good thing?” “Pooh!Don’t you know how wonderful my uncle is!Say so,Just because […]

Only in this way can we find a breakthrough in this matter,Give the opponent a fatal blow。

otherwise,This is an endless game。 The opponent runs fast or professional,Huang Lei is an amateur,anyway,No matter how hard he can、How to catch up,Can’t chase the other party。 This situation will only make the other party throw Huang Lei far away,So Huang Lei shouldn’t think so much at this time,There is only one thing he can do,That is to turn yourself […]